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Dementia Care - a Behavioural Approach to Manual Handling is written by two experienced and well regarded authors. The book aims to consider manual handling of a person with dementia from a different perspective. Not just trying to find a suitable 'technique' but to explore the person and to consider their holistic needs. Discovering a person's drivers, preferences and understanding them will help the caregivers make manual handling a much more pleasant and effective experience.



MH Children 2  


Written by three highly experienced authors, this book tackles a range of manual handling strategies from a practical and analytical stance. There are over 50 common moving and handling tasks that form the basis of assisting children to move. The topic areas include 24 hour postural care, moving and handling in personal care, therapy transfers such as into and out of standing frames, horse riding and much more. The activity template gives the reader the opportunity to assess in more detail the handling tasks with the children in their care. It gives an opportunity for discussion and development of more robust strategies that can help the child, families, carers and professionals achieve a better quality of life.

Whether you are the Child being assisted, Parent, Head Teacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Inclusion Coordinator, After School Club Leader, or Therapist, this book will hand you the information you need when you need it most.




This book has been developed to provide a practical guide to the moving and handling of Plus Size People in a variety of settings, including both the Acute Sector and Community. The techniques use a wide range of equipment to show solutions to commonly encountered problems and are illustrated using photographs of Plus Size models. The authors both bring a wealth of knowledge from their experiences of working in the field of Bariatric Moving and Handling.

This book will be a valuable resource for anyone working with this client group to ensure they are moved with dignity.




This book has been developed to provide a practical guide to safer moving and handling in the Perioperative Environment. Techniques and equipment are illustrated throughout.

Nicky Sharpe, Kath Briody and Simon Love are experienced manual handling practitioners and are all members of the Northern Theatre Special Interest group. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this publication, which is the first to pull together best practice in moving and handling in Perioperative environment into one book.

Both this publication and NBE's previous publication in the Professional Series are useful tools to allow Back Care Advisors and Managers to undertake baseline assessments and to produce evidenced based information to show that their organisations are complying with legislation and meeting the requirements of both the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and NHSLA assessments.

This book is a must for any practitioner working in or advising on manual handling in Theatres.




Written by two prolific authors, this book deals with a variety of issues common in the target areas of practice. There are 6 main sections including a detailed analysis of assistive equipment and problem-solving scenarios. Flow-charts assist with various issues such as decision making for single-handed care, transferring a client with one or two carers and moving a client from the floor etc.

This publication is an essential book to keep handy whether you are a Care Home Manager, Moving & Handling Instructor, Key Trainer or Therapist.




Produced by National Back Exchange, the advice in this publication is intended as a straightforward guide for Manual Handling Practitioners and Employers. It is not compulsory, but is offered as an example of good practice. The book provides readers with information; on possible development pathways for a Manual Handling Practitioner working at different levels; Competency requirements for an Advisory and Training service; and the requirements of Manual Handling Education and Training Service. While there is a focus on larger organisations (particularly the National Health Service) the recommendations are equally valid for smaller organisations and or those working as independent Manual Handling Practitioners.

This publication is a must for anyone commissioning or providing a Manual Handling Service.



LEAFLETS - sold in mixed packs of 20

Leaflet 001 Working at or Near Floor Level                

Leaflet 002 The Safe Handling of a Manual Wheelchair

Leaflet 003 Choosing a Sling for your Hoist

Leaflet 004 Safer Use of Hoists


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