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We are currently transitioning to a new membership platform and website. During this brief transitional period you will be unable to join National Back Exchange online or renew your membership if you are already a member. Our new system will go live on Monday 3rd April. Please visit our new website on this date. Thank you for your patience and if you have any queries, please contact .


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Column Journal

Column is the digital journal of NBE.

Members get access to quarterly publications of Column.

Column provides a wealth of information, including latest research, interesting articles, life stories, product reviews, local group news and much more.

There are two options for reading Column, either:

  • Flipbook, where you can make use of all the digital features such as videos and website links.
  • Pdf, if you want to read Column on the go.


Column Microsite

As well as the journal, members can access the Column microsite. This is an exclusive members-only place for all things Column, which includes:

  • Inside Info – this provides an important link between the Executive Committee and the membership. This area contains the Chat from the Chair and important updates from NBE.
  • Product Reviews – this provides a central place for our invaluable product reviews. This area contains a searchable function for the product review you are looking for.
  • Column Archives – contains a searchable function for past issues of Column.


Column and the microsite can be accessed HERE