You may already be a member of a professional body, but NBE Advanced Membership represents a meaningful indicator of an advanced level of competence specific to the Moving and Handling discipline.

You may feel confident in your current abilities, but as Advanced Membership represents a trusted and recognisable brand, this will give your employer and customers confidence in you and your work.

What are the benefits?

Being an Advanced Member:

  • Confirms to your employer and your customers that you are competent and committed to your profession as a Moving & Handling practitioner. This may increase your job opportunities, act in your favour when sourcing work, it may even add an extra layer of protection against redundancy.
  • Provides evidence towards compliance with regulatory requirements and inspectorate body expectations.
  • Allows use of the Advanced Member logo. This will enable you to showcase your Advanced status. You can use the logo on your email signature, website, documentation etc, or anywhere associated with you as an individual practitioner.
  • Increases networking opportunities through invites to exclusive Advanced Member virtual meetings.
  • Provides the opportunity to act as a  mentor  and/or review panel member for other Advanced Member candidates. This can contribute to your CPD.

What do I need to do?

You will build a portfolio of evidence based on your last three years’ experience. Your portfolio will meet certain requirements, as stated in the Standard Operating Procedure. Once completed, it will be peer reviewed by a panel of Advanced Members.

Full details of the process and portfolio requirements are explained in the  Standard Operating Procedure .

Will I receive support?

Yes. Although the process is straight forward, we appreciate that you may require some support along the way. We can supply you with a mentor. Any appointed mentor will be an Advanced Member, so will have gone through the process you are about to begin. Their role is to support and guide you throughout your journey. They will not devise or complete work on your behalf.  If you choose not to have a mentor, please remember we are always here to help.

CLICK HERE for more information on the mentor role.

How do I apply?

Simply complete the  Advanced Member Registration Form  and send it to us. This will mark the start of your journey.