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Local Groups connect you to your local NBE community. Groups meet on a regular basis. Frequency will be dependent on the individual Group. Joining a Local Group will open doors of professional opportunity.

You can get to know what’s happening in your area, within neighbouring authorities, trusts and organisations. You can get together with your peers to start a local project and change practise on a wider scale.

Some Groups have websites and/or Facebook pages to help you keep in touch. Some Groups organise webinars, study days or training events to help you broaden your skill set and deepen your knowledge base. Some even have group resources, such as force gauges, bariatric suits etc. to share with their members.

For those who work in isolation and are the expert within their organisations, being part of the local network gives you confidence in what you do and how you do it.


                                                         Meet your neighbours, join your local NBE community!                                             


What are the benefits?

  • Physical meetings - Ask, learn, and share with the local community.
  • Build your local professional network – meet fellow professionals from your local area.
  • Website, social media – connect to your local network remotely, any time, any place, anywhere.
  • Resources – access Group resources
  • Build you portfolio – join the Committee? Present you work, research or projects to the Group? Start a local project?
  • Work with your neighbours – you and your neighours can pool your resources, you may have something they don’t, they may have something you don’t!

What can I achieve?

  • Engage with the local community
  • Develop your knowledge and skills
  • Grow your professional network
  • Grow your team
  • Increase your value to your employer
  • Drive conversations
  • Influence practise at a local level
  • Get involved
  • Become a Committee member


How do I convince my boss?

Tell your boss:

  • Your aims, goals, aspirations – how joining a Local Group meets these
  • Its not just about you, it’s about you and the team and the organisation
  • You plan to share what you learn
  • Enhancing your skills enhances the team’s skills
  • Of any knowledge and skills gaps – how joining a Local Group will fill those gaps
  • Its essential to your ongoing personal development.


Put it in writing…

Dear Boss

As moving and handling is a specialist area, I need access to external learning opportunities to keep my knowledge and skills up to date. I am requesting to join a local NBE affiliated group.

NBE is the leading authority in the field of moving and handling. Joining a local group will connect me to the local NBE community. Membership subscription is just £…. per year. The benefits include:

  • Access to the local community – the group meetings will enable me to enhance my professional network, tap into a large and knowledgeable community to ask for advice, assistance, and support. I will get to know what’s happening in neighbouring authorities, trusts and organisations. I will have the opportunity to connect with our neighbours to share ideas and best practise. This puts me in a stronger position to ensure myself, the team and the organisation remains at the cutting edge of what we do.
  • Hands on experience – through the meetings I will access practical sessions and equipment demonstrations. This will enable me to practise with, and review, the latest assistive devices, and techniques to develop my skill set and knowledge base and influence safer practises within the team and our organisation.
  • Local resources – social media access will provide a quick and convenient way to keep me up to date with the latest news and events, across the local area. Also, I get instant access to advice, support, and assistance.

Ongoing professional development and training is important for me to develop my knowledge and skills. Developing my skill set and knowledge base makes me better at my job. I can share my knowledge with the rest of the team. Therefore, investing in improving my knowledge and skills, is an investment for the whole team and the organisation.

Thank you in advance….


Start to plan for next year’s membership

After you’ve joined, start thinking about next year. Let your boss know how beneficial joining a Local Group was to you and your team.


Discuss with your boss:

  • Summarise – identify the specific benefits to you and your team from what you learned through NBE membership. Explain if/how your aims were met, if/what you hadn’t expected.
  • Value to you - discuss a list of things you’ve learned. Highlight what insights have been discovered. Describe new information, knowledge and skills you have gained. Define how you intend to, or have already, implemented these in your workplace.
  • Value to your team – discuss what information you intend to, or have shared, with your colleagues. How you intend to do this or have done this. Explain how this will benefit them. List new contacts, products, tips and ideas.
  • Ongoing action – contribute new ideas, perspectives and approaches to promote your newfound knowledge and skills, and to demonstrate what you have learned has benefited both you, your team and the organisation.


                                                                           Stay inspired, stay motivated!