Listed below are NBE Regional Group locations, their assigned Region and the Regional Officer.

Click on the Regional Officer name for contract information.

Cornwall & Devon 3 Dennis Du Cro
East Anglia 2 Lorraine DeMott
East Midlands 2 Lorraine DeMott
Essex 2 Lorraine DeMott
Kent 2 Lorraine DeMott
Lancashire & Greater Manchester 1 Dennis Du Cro
London 4 Rosemarie Scrutton
North West and North Wales 4 Rosemarie Scrutton
Northern 1 Dennis Du Cro
Northern Ireland 1 Dennis Du Cro
Oxford 3 Dennis Du Cro
Scottish Manual Handling Forum 1 Damian Martin
Somerset, Avon & Gloucester 3 Dennis Du Cro
South London 4 Rosemarie Scrutton
South Wales 3 Dennis Du Cro
Southern 3 Dennis Du Cro
Sussex 2 Lorraine DeMott
West Midlands 4 Rosemarie Scrutton
Yorkshire 2 Lorraine DeMott