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About Conference

Our annual residential CPD accredited Conference is the highlight of the Moving and Handling calendar. Taking place at the harrogate Conference Centre, everything is under one roof which allows you easy access to the full conference programme, including the extensive range of products and services dedicated to your profession.

Conference is open to everyone, however, if you are an NBE member you will benefit from a discounted rate. Not a member? Click here to join


Each Conference has a different theme, ensuring no two events are the same.


Conference brings us all together to provide social, educational, and professional benefits…



What are the benefits?

  • Enhance your portfolio – Conference is CPD accredited.
  • Build your professional network - you’ll meet fellow professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. 
  • Get inspired - you’ll see and hear new things – techniques, equipment, latest research, case studies and much more. 
  • Learn - from industry experts and thought leaders.  Remain at the cutting-edge of your profession.
  • Get ‘hands on’ – there is plenty of opportunity, between the exhibition and programme to try out equipment and techniques.
  • Tour the trade exhibition – check out the latest technology, watch the equipment demonstrations, chat to the trade and make new contacts.
  • Get involved – why not present yourself? There are opportunities for everyone to contribute. Share your research, your projects, your ideas…. Just as you’ll love to hear our presentations, we’d love to hear yours.
  • Have fun - Conference is a friendly and relaxed event. You’ll meet new friends, eat good food and enjoy the surroundings and facilities of the hotel.
  • Get a discount – although Conference is open to everyone, NBE members benefit from a discounted rate.



What can I achieve?

  • Develop your knowledge and skills
  • Showcase your knowledge and skills
  • Find solutions to your problems
  • Engage with the community
  • Drive conversations
  • Grow your professional network
  • Grow your team
  • Increase your value to your employer
  • Influence practise



How do I convince my boss I should attend conference? 

Tell your boss:

  • Your aims, goals, aspirations – how attending conference will contribute
  • Its not just about you, it’s about you and the team and the organisation
  • You plan to share what you learn, see, and hear
  • Broadening your knowledge and skills, broadens the team’s knowledge and skills
  • Of any knowledge and skills gaps – how Conference will fill those gaps
  • Its essential to your ongoing personal development.


Template email for getting approval for conference attendance!


As moving and handling is a specialist area, I need access to external learning opportunities to keep my knowledge and skills up to date. I am requesting to attend NBE’s annual CPD accredited Conference.

NBE Conference is the single most important gathering of industry experts in the field of moving and handling. It covers all the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for my job role. The agenda can be viewed at

Benefits include:

• Learning from notable experts – attending the workshops and plenary sessions I will gain insight into the latest in research, approaches and strategies from experts of all corners of the moving and handling world. This will enable me and the team to remain at the cutting edge of my profession.

 Hands on experience – through a number of practical sessions and trade exhibition. This will enable me to practise with, and review, the latest assistive devices, and techniques to develop my skill set and influence safer practises within the team.

• Build my professional network – by meeting likeminded professionals, industry experts and trade contacts. These contacts will be beneficial to me and the team long after Conference is over.

Attendance provides a rich opp
ortunity for developing a wide range of knowledge and skills from a wide range of people and activities. The benefits stretch beyond me and into the team. I plan to return with both new and valuable insights on the latest developments, best practices, new approaches, tips, and technologies that will help us become a more efficient and effective service.

Thank you for your consideration…


Start to plan for next year's Conference…

After you’ve attended Conference, start thinking about next year. Let your boss know how beneficial Conference attendance was to you and your team.


Summarise – identify the specific benefits to you and your team from what you learned at Conference. Explain how your aims were met, also if/what you hadn’t expected to learn.

Value to you - discuss the list of sessions you attended. Highlight what insights have been discovered. Describe new information, knowledge, and skills you have gained. Define how you intend to, or have already, implemented these in your workplace.

Value to your team – discuss what information you intend to, or have shared, with your colleagues. How you intend to do this or have done this. Explain how this will benefit them. List new contacts, products, tips, and ideas.

Ongoing action – contribute new ideas, perspectives and approaches to promote your newfound knowledge and skills, and to demonstrate what you have learned has benefited both you, your team and the organisation.