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We are currently transitioning to a new membership platform and website. During this brief transitional period you will be unable to join National Back Exchange online or renew your membership if you are already a member. Our new system will go live on Monday 3rd April. Please visit our new website on this date. Thank you for your patience and if you have any queries, please contact .


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Join the board


We would like to invite you to join the NBE Board of Directors!

Each year all standing members of the Executive Committee are required to retire from their positions. All posts on the Executive Committee then become vacant for nominations from the membership body.


What is the Board of Directors?

National Back Exchange is a member association managed by a Board of Directors (The Board). The Board are elected from the membership each year at the AGM. Their key role is to ensure the effective management of the association. They hold joint responsibility for all decisions made and all actions taken.

The Board is made up of 11 members. Collectively the Board oversees the running, in association with a management company, and the strategic direction and development of NBE.


What are the Board roles?

The Board provides a cohesive approach to strategic planning and decision making to drive NBE according to its mission, vision, and values. The Board works closely with Echo, our management company, to ensure they can perform their role to the best of their ability. Individual Board members have specific roles and responsibilities. These are partitioned into the following areas:

- Management
- Membership Director and Liaisons
- Education and Development Director
- Marketing Director
- Conference Director
- Events Coordinator
- Communications Director


Why join? 

You will be joining a vibrant and committed Board. You will develop new skills and hone your current ones, all of which enhances your personal and professional development.

NBE actively contributes to national working parties and projects as well as supporting research and practice development.

NBE reaches far beyond the membership. It connects with private, public, and educational sectors. It provides enormous networking opportunities.

Your role is a prestigious one, which adds value to your CV

The biggest benefit of all is the opportunity to contribute to the development and success of NBE


What skills do I require?

Vision, passion, commitment, time, and motivation…

- A vision for what the future of moving and handling could and should look like.
- A passion for moving and handling and NBE.
- A commitment to NBE.
- An ability to devote the necessary time and energy to NBE.
- An ability to work both collaboratively and independently.
- Hold basic computer skills and have access to a suitable device.


How do I join?

In the first instance, interest should be directed to the Chair . This will give you the opportunity to discuss the Board roles and where your skills and interest best lies.


Members are then invited to apply for a Board role using the Nominations to the NBE Board of Directors form below.

NBE Board of Directors Brochure - July 2022

NBE Nomination Form - 2022