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NBE Exec Meeting - May 2020

Yesterday marked the first ever Exec meeting held entirely online. Whilst for myself, online conference calls have been the norm for many years, this is a new way of working for the NBE.  As expected from a meeting with everyone working from home, we had random appearances from family members and a pet, and shouts of "turn your camera on", "we think we lost you there for a moment" and messages of "I don't think your mic is working" all popping up duri...
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NBE update - May 2020

In line with the UK government's response to the Covid-19 pandemic, our Admin team, Pat and Sarah have been temporarily furloughed . It isn't a decision that we, or any business takes lightly and we would like to thank the team for their dedication, commitment and understanding. This situation will be reviewed at regular intervals and hope that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Should you have any queries in the meantime all emails to the admin@nationalbacke...
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The changing face of manual handling training in the current Covid-19 climate

The NBE is fundamentally built on the sharing of information and ideas, and as we continue to work through the Covid-19 pandemic  I wanted to share what others are doing which may help guide your decisions or provide new ideas regarding manual handling training, and in particular, face to face training. There was an excellent thread on the forum about this ''MH during C19'' which may prove a useful resource and I would recommend you visit the forum and read the thread in...
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NBE Launches new Video Library resource

The NBE are pleased to announce the launch of the NBE Video Library!   The Video Library aims to be a one stop shop of links to videos that are either created by, or used by you, our members in order to support where manual handling training is not possible face to face. The NBE Video Library can be found on the NBE website by clicking here and logging on with your member username and password.  It is also available from the homepage main menu once you have logged i...
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Video Content - Your NBE needs you!

Given the unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, members throughout the NBE are having to adopt new approaches to providing and supporting moving and handling training. There has been lots of recent activity on the NBE Members' Forum with many seeking support in navigating through these unusual times we find ourselves in, and many who are sharing their new approaches to training provision.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far, and please ...
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