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Given the unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, members throughout the NBE are having to adopt new approaches to providing and supporting moving and handling training. There has been lots of recent activity on the NBE Members' Forum with many seeking support in navigating through these unusual times we find ourselves in, and many who are sharing their new approaches to training provision.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far, and please continue to use the Members' Forum to share best practices and solutions to problems as well as asking for help with any particular issues or challenges you are facing.  Click here to access the forum.

As the NBE remains committed to supporting members, we are currently developing a library of training videos to support those that are in need of additional guidance during this time. The strength of NBE comes from its membership and now more than ever is the time for us to work together. If you have access to training videos and are willing and able to share these please send a copy of the video or a link to its location to  along with any credits for the video (name, organisation). We are already aware that some members have already taken the initiative to develop their own videos which is a fantastic achievement and would also love to share.  . 

Videos received will be placed in the NBE library for all members to access.

"Give us the tools and we will finish the job"

Winston Church


By Sarah Thornton

Communications Officer, National Back Exchange




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