Update from Valerie Phillips - NBE Co - Opted Board Member

I am so excited to announce that l have been co-opted onto the National Back Exchange Board on 3rd May 2022 when l attended my first Board meeting. I had not realised that the day would be so full, with a long and packed agenda. I could see for myself all of the hard work and progress being made on national projects and new publications being discussed. Discussions on the new National Back Exchange Conference location sounded exciting, with lots of space for the exhibitors and a planned comprehensive programme. Being a member of the Board will be a great opportunity for me to develop new skills and knowledge, give back, and make a positive difference towards enhancing moving and handling as a profession.

As a National Back Exchange member it is easy to criticise the work of the NBE Board and say, 'what do they do?'

Now that l am a Board member l can truly see for myself the huge workload involved and national/international agenda discussed. I am hoping that my contribution and diverse perspective will make a positive difference, particularly in providing standardised tools which can be utilised by the membership to facilitate and support our day jobs.

Therefore, l say to you, if you are not already a member then please join! Let's see what you can contribute with us all working together collaboratively. 



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