Supporting your NBE, Supporting Moving & Handling

by Membership Secretary Pam Sherliker 

I am privileged to be part of the current Executive of National Back Exchange; an Organisation which exists to develop, disseminate and promote evidence-based best practice and whose vision is for Excellence in all aspects of Moving and Handling.

The aims of the Organisation have never been more relevant and the professionalism and resourcefulness of its membership more necessary than at present.

In 'unprecedented times' there is a temptation to reduce the quantity and quality of training and education, however, it is at these times that the importance of suitable and sufficient training inputs is recognised and acknowledged. It has become necessary to explore different ways of providing and ensuring that all those involved with the Moving and Handling of People / Manual Handling of Loads are sufficiently and appropriately educated, trained and supported in order to ensure that high standards are maintained.

National Back Exchange Members have been central to advising on requirements for their own areas of responsibility and to the wider demographic, both locally, regionally and nationally. Differentiation and a wide range of solutions have been suggested and provided to meet individual requirements.  For some Members, Covid-19 has involved a return to their core clinical background, for others redeployment to a completely different work area, some have continued to support from home whilst many others have volunteered (or been volunteered) to help in whatever way might be necessary.

If you hold current Membership I would encourage you to consider using your knowledge, experience and skills to further the aims of the Organisation as well as your own development:

You may have other ideas or suggestions - email . We look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards


By Pam Sherliker

Membership Secretary, National Back Exchange


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