NBE Webinar: Low Bone Mineral Density in Children and Young People with Neurodisability

We are excited to announce the next webinar, in our NBE webinar series, "Low Bone Mineral Density in Children and Young People with Neurodisability" which will be held at 12:30pm on Wednesday 20th April via Zoom.

Webinar Learning Outcomes
• To understand normal bone development and bone development in disability
• To recognise the risk factors associated with low bone mineral density
• To be aware of the current clinical practice guidelines for the management of low bone mineral density and the evidence that supports this.
• To understand your role in bone health
• To recognise the impact on patient care
• To be aware of the recent research into mechanisms of fracture
• To discuss practical case studies
• To be aware of the bone health management story in North Wales
• To consider next steps for your place of work

Children and young people with cerebral palsy are at risk of decreased bone mineral density (BMD) and low impact fractures (LIF) during normal handling (Houlihan, 2014; Mergler et al. 2009). There is no research available to physiotherapists on how to minimise the risk of fractures during physiotherapy treatment or handling. Discovering the common mechanisms of fracture injury and providing best practice guidelines for physiotherapists may decrease the risk of LIF's and support improved patient care.

Angela Wing Biography (Guest Speaker)
Angela has been working within the field of paediatric physiotherapy for 22 years, mostly working with children and young people with complex disabilities in a community setting. Over the past 5 years, Angela has been working with her health board in producing a policy of the management of bone health in children and young people with Neurodisability with implementation of the policy starting in 2021. As part of her MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice (AHP), she carried our research into low impact fractures in children and young people with cerebral palsy, exploring the mechanisms of injury in order to produce best practice guidelines for physiotherapy practice. Following completion of this piece of research, Angela is passionate about raising the profile of risk of low bone mineral density in children and young people with Neurodisability to support safe care of this group of vulnerable people.

Webinar Registration Information
This webinar is free for all NBE members (registration required) and will last 1 hour. Please click here to register or on the registration button below. Please allow up to one working day for confirmation of registration, which will be sent via email and include zoom log in details. Please note, this joining information is only valid for one device. If you have colleagues or friends looking to attend on a separate device, please ensure they are registered individually to avoid disappointment.

Registration closes 1 hour prior to event start time. For any queries, please contact



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