NBE Update - Jan 2021

Feedback from our membership has emphasised how many NBE members are flat out, with many still being redeployed for vaccinations or other Covid related work changes. I hope you are all managing to cope in these extraordinary times.

As a result of this feedback, I am sorry to report that the upcoming Local Groups Update (for local group chairs/nominated representatives), and NBE Chat Live Part 4 online events have been postponed. We still hope to provide CPD events throughout the year and to reinstate the Local group officer and chat live series later in February.

The New Year has brought a new emphasis and challenge for the Executive committee.

A lot of members will be aware that the day-to-day management of the admin functions of NBE have been taken on by a small group of the Exec headed by Sarah Thornton, John Williamson, and Kristina Nathan. The team has been able to ensure a good and fast response to members questions and queries and this will continue. This was always intended as a short-term measure and seeking a longer-term admin solution is now our focus.

We are acutely aware that the needs and requirements of the organisation and its members has evolved significantly due to the impact of Covid, and so our aim is to outsource some of the functions of the admin team to provide an even better service for our membership. This will be a complex and delicate transition involving a lot of background work to ensure due diligence, value for money and we will exit the transition with a more efficient, dynamic, and professional core to the association.

Many thanks for your understanding,

If you have any queries, do please get in touch with me  

By Simon Love

Chairman, National Back Exchange




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