NBE launches new blog!

Welcome to the inaugural NBE blog post!

Hi, hey, hola, howdy and a big hello to all readers and thanks for popping by. I'm Kristina, the Public Relations Officer for the National Back Exchange and I am excited to announce the launch of the NBE Blog which has been created to communicate all the latest news and updates from the NBE. Our Blog will be updated on a regular basis with the latest from the Exec committee, projects that are being worked on by the NBE, conference updates and information, opportunities for members to get involved and more!   

Here I am, typing away with my favourite plant by my side. Just kidding. It's my second favourite plant.  Photo:Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

The Blog post will be published alongside the Column magazine, emails from our fabulous Administration Team and our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to ensure whichever way you like to hear from your NBE, we've got it covered.

"I am delighted to be able to be one of the first contributors to the NBE blog. It is just another part of our ongoing efforts to modernize and improve our communication with you all. We hope you will continue to drop into the website and use the blog feature to catch all the latest news and updates without having to wait for your next edition of Column."

Simon Love, Chairman NBE

The NBE Blog will be accessible to anyone who wants to read (members, the wider healthcare community, and anyone else who visits the NBE website), although only members will be able to comment with thoughts and opinions.  

The members' forum remains the place to go for the sharing and dissemination of ideas and information within NBE, where members are encouraged to share information, problems, solutions, concerns, ideas and recommendations and the Exec Team remain committed to promoting the use of the members' forum.

If you have any thoughts or feedback on communication from the NBE, feel free to pop a comment below.

By Kristina Warwick Smith 

Public Relations Officer, National Back Exchange




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