NBE Extraordinary General Meeting October 2021

Unfortunately the AGM held on the 20th September was cancelled as not enough members attended to be quorate. As an Executive Committee we must take some responsibility as the promotion was obviously not sufficient to encourage enough of the membership to attend. We are currently looking into ways of avoiding the same scenario occurring again! Fortunately this does not prevent the current Executive Committee from continuing to manage NBE. However, we still need ratification of our change of structure and the election of officers for the following year as well as the conclusion of business needed at an AGM. Therefore, in accordance with the constitution, 28 days notice was posted last night on the forum of an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held between the 18th-25th October. The date will be confirmed after conference. In the meantime you will still be able to cast your votes online. Every member's vote will count towards the quorum required of 50 members.

Our priority is now turned to conference to ensure the 180 delegates have a wonderful and stimulating couple of days and make the long wait worth it!

I hope to see many of you there.


Simon Love

National Back Exchange 



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