NBE Exec Meeting - May 2020

Yesterday marked the first ever Exec meeting held entirely online. Whilst for myself, online conference calls have been the norm for many years, this is a new way of working for the NBE.  As expected from a meeting with everyone working from home, we had random appearances from family members and a pet, and shouts of "turn your camera on", "we think we lost you there for a moment" and messages of "I don't think your mic is working" all popping up during the call.

All that aside, it was a long day.  Like many organisations, these are difficult times for the National Back Exchange;  Conference has been cancelled  and some members haven't had time to renew or they aren't sure what their future looks like which means balancing the books becomes an ever increasing challenge (with two full time employees, and external suppliers to maintain).

As you may have already read, our Admin Team was recently furloughed under the Government Scheme. This was not a decision that was taken lightly, but without the income we typically generate (membership and conference sponsorship) it was deemed a necessary short term measure to ensure the ongoing survival of the organisation.  

The Exec meeting yesterday focused on how we can best support our members moving forward, as Manual Handling becomes ever more digital and looking at where we can reduce costs whilst maintaining the best service possible.  The past few months have seen a number of changes to the tools and support the NBE provides; a new Video Library to share resources, this Blog to provide the latest updates, greater use of social media to share NBE news,  promoting questions / issues raised on the Members' Forum among.  The Covid-19 pandemic has seen the healthcare industry as a whole begin to catch up with using digital tools and alongside the positive feedback we have received to our latest additions, we look to take that further.

 Moving forward, the Exec Team will be facilitating more of our scheduled meetings online to reduce travel expenses and although this is a relatively small figure, as the saying goes "every little helps". 

I am so proud to be part of a team that has truly stepped up in the face of adversity. Many of my Exec colleagues have seen their working lives turned upside down over the past couple of months, yet are still dedicating an enormous amount of time and effort to ensure the NBE remains able to support members in the best way possible, covering some of the crucial administrative functions and working to ensure the organisation adapts quickly to the current challenges we are all facing.

Whether you are overworked, or short of work, on the front line putting yourself at risk, or staying safe at home, it is tough right now and on behalf of the Exec I am sending you our love and positive vibes and hope that you remain safe and well.


By Kristina Warwick Smith

PR Officer, National Back Exchange

Email: pro@nationalbackexchange.org



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