NBE Chat Live - The Follow Up

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday for NBE Chat Live - it was great seeing so many members together!

If you still have questions, issues, success stories or wanted to share your thoughts, we are continuing the conversation on the Members' Forum on the NBE Website, which you can find here (you will need to sign in for access).

(The Members' Forum also allows you to add documents, images, links.) 

If you would like to re-live NBE Chat Live, or you weren't able to make it on the night, you will also find, the video recording, audio only and chat box from the session in that thread.

If you have any feedback on NBE Chat live, please feel free to comment on this blog post (details at the bottom of the page) or contact me direct via email to


 By Kristina Warwick Smith

PR Officer, National Back Exchange

Email: pro@nationalbackexchange.org


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