National Back Exchange Statement – Response to Questions about Training and Covid-19 November Update

The question of continuing to deliver face to face training, or not, has been brought into focus again following a statement from Skills for Care on the 5th November. Their statement on the 'news' section of their website is as follows:

"New national COVID-19 restrictions are in place in England from 5 November 2020. During this period, we recommend you stop face to face training and to use digital solutions only."

I am sure this has raised questions and may contradict the current practise of some of our members.

It is clear the Covid pandemic has created additional challenges however it does not negate the vicarious liability of employers to ensure the health and safety of their staff relating to moving and handling tasks or the Duty of Care they owe to the people they are looking after.

Observing practical techniques by digital sources or by demonstration alone can't ensure a successful transfer to an individual's practical competence.

It is therefore essential for members to undertake a training needs analysis to justify their choice of training methodology to ensure staff are competent and confident and the people in their care are handled effectively, safely and with dignity. Following a training needs analysis it may still be considered necessary to deliver face to face training although this should be mitigated by taking all reasonable risk reduction precautions against the transmission of Covid-19.

Additional guidance can be found on the NBE Members' Forum and website blogs.

The earlier Skills for Care document can be found here.

To support members making informed decisions for their own organisations, the opinions and current practise of your peers may be an important part of your decision making process. Please refer to the NBE forum, build up your evidence base and hear what other NBE members are doing to adapt to the training dilemma of continuing with face to face training or not.

Many thanks,


By Simon Love

Chairman, National Back Exchange




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