National Back Exchange is pleased to announce the arrival of the Manual Handling of Children 2nd edition.

Written by three highly experienced authors, this book tackles a range of manual handling strategies from a practical and analytical stance. There are over 50 common moving and handling tasks that form the basis of assisting children to move. The topic areas include 24 hour postural care, moving and handling in personal care, therapy transfers such as into and out of standing frames, horse riding and much more. The activity template gives the reader the opportunity to assess in more detail the handling tasks with the children in their care. It gives an opportunity for discussion and development of more robust strategies that can help the child, families, carers and professionals achieve a better quality of life.

Whether you are the Child being assisted, Parent, Head Teacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Inclusion Coordinator, After School Club Leader, or Therapist, this book will hand you the information you need when you need it most.

According to NBE Chairman Simon Love; "The Professional Series publications align with the aims of NBE to produce and disseminate information for the benefit of all those undertaking manual handling tasks. This volume complements and enhances the current series and clearly demonstrates the major role NBE plays in providing resources for its members and those caring for and supporting children. The authors have a wealth of knowledge that is clearly evident from their insightful and detailed narrative throughout the book, providing information to assist readers to make balanced decisions and to formulate appropriate strategies for anyone involved with handling children." 

At the recent National Back Exchange Conference and Exhibition (Back Together), all three authors of the book took time out from their busy schedule to sign a small number of pre-release copies of the publications, which were quickly snapped up by delegates at the event.

Manual Handling of Children (2nd edition) authorsĀ  delivering "Practical Manual Handling PaediatricsĀ at the NBE Conference & Exhibition 2021. L-R Carole Johnson, Pat Alexander, Penny Townsend.

It only seems fitting that the launch of this book is announces on the 20th November, which is also World Children's Day.  First established in 1954 as Universal Children's Day and is celebrated on 20 November each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children's welfare. Read more about World Children's Day on the UN website here.

Manual Handling of Children 2nd edition,  along with all other NBE publications can be purchased through the National Back Exchange online shop which can be accessed here.

Kristina Nathan

Marketing Director

National Back Exchange