It’s all in the edit

When I was asked by Carole Johnson if I would like to be a guest editor for an issue of the NBE column journal, I jumped at the chance - without knowing anything about the job….

Writing a blog article apparently, is part of the package. When asked for advice, digital marketing hubby said "it needs to pass the 'so what' test" – meaning it needs to be relevant and interesting to the reader.

I am going to try and do both but may fail miserably so please be forgiving, a few of you will know me as paediatric moving and handling advisor certainly not an editor or writer!

Life is a learning curve and we should all do something that challenges us, to help us grow and evolve, so this has been my challenge this year, along with COVID, moving home, new ways of training and trying not to be offended when people talk over you on Zoom meetings – hubby says he's amazed anyone can get a word in edgeways!

 'So What' is guest editing? I found, during my tenure, that guest editing is a process, and I think it's safe to say that most moving and handling professionals like process; risk assessments, training, policy writing, are all processes. The great thing about working with Carole and Jason Pelta from Pages Creative is that the procedures are already in place and it is a matter of following the well-trodden path and being guided by their expertise and passion.

'So What' did I have to do? Critique an article, check the references, check that the hyperlinks worked, check that the companies named were happy to be included in the article.

I was also responsible for finding someone to interview for "A Day in the Life Of" and then interview them and transcribe it. All while communicating with Carole and Jason to update them, uploading items into dropbox, ensuring that the working document was filled in when tasks had been completed. Simple…oh and write an editorial piece.

'So What' have I learned? That I like writing, but I must be in the right frame of mind. I like that I have learned about the creative industry and what it takes to put together a digital journal, and how each profession has its own jargon and language. And of course, I've learned this might look good for my CPD!

'So What' is my challenge to you fellow NBE members? Try a spot at guest editing, you may find a new skill or talent. Don't hide your light under a bushel - whatever a bushel is and why you would hide anything under there in the first place?

Carole's waiting for you to get in touch, dear (next) editor…

Penny Townsend

MCSP HCPC NBE advanced member

Issue 32.4 of column featuring guest editor, Penny Townsend will be launched 23rd December. 

If you would like further information on being a guest editor or column please contact Carole Johnson Managing Editor, digital column at  



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