Group Membership

NBE is delighted to have introduced a brand new type of membership – Group Membership

Group membership has been designed to support the needs of companies and organisations that pay for a number of NBE memberships on behalf of their employees.

Here is how it works vs existing individual membership...

Individual memberships are 'owned' by the individual, regardless of who pays the membership fee. Many individual membership fees are paid for by the individual's employer. If that individual leaves their post, the individual takes their membership with them to their new employer. The original employer must then purchase another membership for any new/replacement employees.

Group memberships are 'owned' by the employer. The employer purchases several memberships in bulk and allocates each of their memberships to their employees. If one of these employees leave their post, the membership remains with the purchasing organisation and is re-allocated to another employee.  If you have membership as part of a Group membership, you still have all the same great benefits as individual membership!

Individual membership renewal dates may be scattered throughout the year. The Group Membership renewal date is on the same date. This makes for easier planning, plus saves the Finance departments some extra work!

Using a collaborative approach to develop NBE

The NBE Exec Team were approached by Barbara Jenkins, Practice Development Manager (OT), Surrey Country Council as she was interested in purchasing memberships for her 17 staff members. Quite rightly, Barbara was concerned that if any of her team left their post, she would have to purchase yet another membership for any replacement team members. Obviously, this would incur additional costs. That's when the Group Membership idea was conceived. Working collaboratively with Barbara and our Web Manager Herb, we were able to develop a new type of membership - Group Membership. Our thanks go our to Barbara, Herb and the team for their efforts in bringing this to life!

In Surrey County Council Adult Social Care, we are committed to supporting the ongoing professional development of our Occupational Therapists and were keen to explore additional resources to support our OTs with complex Moving and Handling. We felt that NBE membership would be a positive resource for our OTs and provide an opportunity to increase professional networks. NBE have been responsive to our needs as an organisation which has enabled us to purchase 17 memberships to support the ongoing professional development of our OTs across the county. We are pleased to be able to access the resources and to be able to offer this membership to our staff.

by Barbara Jenkins, Practice Development Manager (OT), Surrey County Council

If you are interested in group membership, full detail can be found on the nbe website group membership page. To register for group membership, this can be done online here or please contact  

Sarah Thornton

Vice Chair



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