Exec Committee Update

The exec team fully embrace new ways of working including holding exec meetings on zoom.

I am pleased to announce that the following executive committee have been re-elected unopposed to the NBE executive committee :

  • Chair - Simon Love
  • Vice Chair - Sarah Thornton
  • Secretary - Claire Beesley
  • Treasurer - John Williamson
  • Membership Secretary - Pam Sherliker
  • Public Relations Officer - Kristina Warwick Smith
  • Regional Officer - Rosemarie Scrutton

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nicky Sharpe, Dennis Du Cru who will be stepping down from the exec after serving their max 6 year team, and Damian Martin and Lorraine Demott who stepped down from the Exec earlier this year.

As a number of posts have not been filled by the deadline of 17th July,  election to these posts will be undertaken at this year's virtual AGM on the 28th September at 17.30.  Details on the AGM will follow in due course

Due to the changing nature of the world we now live in, we are hoping to focus these roles in the areas of support to the public relations officer, communications and membership liaison. If you have knowledge and skills or an interest in marketing/social media and/or have the energy to help us move NBE forward please contact us on and one of the Exec will be in contact to explain and answer any questions you may have.

The process:

You will need to be proposed, seconded and second seconded by 3 current NBE members (The nomination form can be found below).

If your nomination is unopposed you will be elected there and then.

If your post is contested by other members, you will each have 5 minutes to speak to the AGM. (The manifesto on the nomination form would be a good start). After each nominee has spoken there will be a vote for the post.

If you are interested in any of these exciting opportunities or would like further information or help, please get in touch, . 

By Simon Love

Chairman, National Back Exchange


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