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Column 32.4 will hit your inboxes on Wednesday 23rd December 2020. It is our Christmas gift to you and we hope that you enjoy this issue. It is a real joy to have Penny Townsend (our guest editor for this issue) on the team. Explaining processes to someone else is a great opportunity to put into words everything that is needed to get an edition out on time. We have regular 'zoom' meetings at all sorts of times of day to meet the deadlines and fit around everyone's lives. There will be a new addition to column: User Reviews. It hasn't been possible to conduct the usual product reviews, but we know that getting real life 'consumer' type views have a very valuable place in our work. Penny bagged a great interview with a young lady who doesn't let her difficulties hold her back. Thank you Penny and Bex! 

Checking references can bring new material to light.

So how does a column move from a bunch of ideas to a journal on your screen?

Step 1

Planning starts about two issues ahead, but is kept flexible, as these days one never knows what might change! This preparation is done by me as Managing Editor and might include approaching someone to write an article or setting up the peer review process for a submission. There's plenty of reading to do and each article is read and checked MANY times. 

Why read a piece over again and again? 

Well, it is important to get an initial feel for the article to try and understand what the author is trying to say, then there is a lot of checking. Statements have to be checked for accuracy and to ensure that they are not defamatory, illegal or inaccurate. Then we start on references and as far as possible every citation is checked. This is a lot easier these days, as so much can be found on the internet, quite a change from when I joined the team in 2014
Six to eight weeks before the expected publication the master planning document is created and this is shared between editor, guest editor and the publishers (Pages Creative). There is still some fluidity, but I love seeing the publication progress as the boxes are ticked off.

Next time in our series of blogs on Column: behind the pages: Step 2...

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Carole Johnson

Managing Editor, Column



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