ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Voting is now live

The Annual General Meeting is to be held via Zoom on Monday 28th September at 17.30.

Voting is now live.

If you choose to use the online facility please ensure that you cast and submit your vote for each of the proposals, as you will not be able to vote again at the AGM.

If you submit a vote for one, or more, of the proposals online but do not do so for all, any of the motions for which you do not cast your vote will be counted as an abstention and you will not be able to vote for these at AGM.

Votes may be cast using the online facility up to midday on Thursday 24th September 2020.Please do not try to cast your vote online after this time as it may prevent you from casting your vote in person if in attendance at AGM.

                             To vote, log in and access the online voting under RESOURCES 

Please Note: Members will need to read the Treasurers Statement prior to voting. This is available, along with all the relevant AGM documents, on the Members Forum.

They can also be accessed below.

File Name: AGM-Treasurers-Statement-202_20200828-195629_1
File Size: 121 kb
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