Advanced Member Meet Up

Calling all Advanced Members ...... 

Unfortunately this year we could not meet up at NBE Conference 'in person' for our Advanced Member meeting as we would usually do – but we won't let that stop us!

If you are an advanced NBE member, you should already have received an invitation to join us on Thursday 26th November 6pm-7pm (with Zoom meeting details).  
If you have not received this please accept my apologies and email me at: 

We'd love to 'see' you and to collectively reflect and review on NBE progress over the last year as there have been many necessary changes. We would also welcome the opportunity to discuss the position and alignment (pardon the pun) of the Organisation, its structure and processes and where each of us is best placed to support NBE, its Members, each other - and the wider community.

Look forward to seeing you there.  

Pam Sherliker

Membership Secretary

National Back Exchange


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