2020 NBE AGM Revisited

Last week saw the National Back Exchange AGM held virtually for the first time (on zoom).  Many thanks to all members who took time out of their schedule to show their support at the meeting, and to all those who voted online beforehand.  The exec team were blown away by the level of participation at this years event.

Alongside the Chairman's report and the Treasurer's Report for the financial year (2019 to 2020) ending 31st March 2020, Simon Love and John Williamson presented an additional statement to update the membership on NBE over the past 6 months as the organisation, along with the rest of the world, navigates the Covid-19 pandemic. 

To continue to meet the needs of our members, some of the existing Exec Committee roles have been updated to help better support the organisation, membership, and wider moving and handling community moving forward, this was voted on and approved at the meeting. With a number of the current exec team retiring from their posts having served the maximum term allowed, we welcome a number of new members onto the Exec Committee who were voted in to roles at the AGM:

- Jason O'Flagherty - Communications Officer

- Chris Ferguson - Member Liaison Officer

- Vicky Page-Chestney - Member Liaison Officer

- Andrea Commander - Marketing & Engagement Officer

- Bev Kleiser - Marketing & Engagement Officer 

Details will be update on the NBE website shortly.

A recording of the meeting is available to watch on the members forum here (you will need to log in).  Q&A sessions were covered throughout the meeting, which are incorporated into the recording, however if you have any further questions please add in the comments section on the forum or alternatively, please email  or alternatively contact a member of the Executive Committee.  Contact details for all the exec team can be found on the nbe website 

A further thanks goes to Julia Love, Chair of NBE's Professional Affairs Committee, who hosted aPre-AGM webinar alongside guest presenter Colin Wright (Skills for Health).  Colin talked through the changes to the Core Skills Training Famework (CSTF), whilst Julia explained how the Moving and Handling section was updated and the process the NBE team followed. 

A recording of the webinar can be found here on the members forum (you will need to log in first).

A number of questions were answered live on the webinar, however please use the comments section on the forum post and Julia will be more than happy to respond.

Kristina Nathan

PR Officer, National Back Exchange




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