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Rosemarie Scrutton


Regional Officer 4 supports the following groups:


South London

North West and North Wales

West Midlands


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Rosemarie Scrutton, RN Cert-Ed, Diploma in Ergonomics for Health and Community Services .

Trained in Birmingham, worked at the Brompton Hospital in the Intensive Care unit,

Occupational Health Nurse for the Metropolitan Police,

Managed residential settings for older people,

Trainer and manager of homecare service for local authority,

Became a moving and handling trainer in 1995 for West Hertfordshire  Community Health Authority, 

Managed the Moving and Handling service from 1997-2000 for Hertfordshire Community health authority,

Appointed as Hertfordshire County Council's  Moving and Handling Advisor in 2002 which is my current post.

Co-authored G15 section of the Moving and Handling Strategy-Standards for handling of people and objects in Health and Social Care (2009-14).

Regularly facilitates at DLF London and has facilitated at National Back Exchange annual conference.

Rosemarie is currently the chair of National Back Exchange London Group.