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Nicky Sharpe

 Qualifications-RGN,MSc Backcare Management, PGCE

 I am a nurse by background, specialising in operating theatre nursing. I have been in a trust wide moving and handling role for over 17 years now. I have previously been chair of the NBE East Midlands group, chair of the Northern theatre Specialist Interest Group, Regional Officer for NBE, National Secretary of NBE and am currently Vice Chair. I am a member of the Loughborogh Alumni Research Forum in patient handling, a member of the active NBE Yorkshire group, and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

I was co-author of the Safer Moving and Handling in the Peri-operative Environment publication which is part of the NBE professional series and I am currently involved in writing content for the new edition of the 'Illustrated Guide to Moving and Handling' and the Handling of People 7th edition.

I have spoken regularly at conferences and regional workshops, including National Back Exchange, National Association of medical Device and equipment Trainers, Association for Peri-operative Practioners conference and have delivered on the Post Graduate Back Care Management  programme at Loughborough university. Working in healthcare I am passionate about the importance of excellence in people handling. I believe that if Manual handling is recognised as a fundamental element of high quality patient care there may be increased compliance with staff doing as they have been trained rather than perceiving their shortcuts to be better as they 'havent got time'.

Due to the nature of the role of the moving and handling practioner it is quite easy to become isolated but an essential part of the role is to ensure all advice given is on current evidence based best practice. It is therefore essential that staff within these roles engage with other moving and handling professionals in other organisations and ideally with the organisations involved in setting the sector standards in moving and handling. I see the National Back Exchange as fundamental to this process and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead working as vice chair of NBE.

Current role(s) and affiliations:

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Associate Member CIEHF

Loughborough Alumni Research Forum in Patient Handling

Advanced Member NBE